About Pipe Restoration Solutions

At Pipe Restoration Solutions we use innovative high-quality materials and a creative approach to repair broken pipes. Our completed projects surpass expectations and exude excellence. In this process, we build long term relationships and problems are permanently solved.

About Pipe Restoration Solutions

Professionals Solving Your Plumbing Problems

Our business philosophy is simple: We want to first, listen to your need. Second, identify the best solution and third, deliver the highest quality end-result, all while giving you a great customer experience. When PRS looks at a project we want to ensure we are implementing the correct solution to the problem at hand. Every project has its unique needs based on overall job scope, site conditions, project timeframes and difficulty level.



Don’t settle for good, BE GREAT!



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It’s a dream of a place that is innovative, changing, and leading the way in technology to provide the right solution to any problem.

It’s a dream of a place where our customers feel appreciated and cared for as they receive value and service that is second to none.

It’s a dream of a place where we put our customers and our coworkers ahead of ourselves.

It’s a dream of a place that we become a family, laughing, learning and growing together.

It’s a dream of a place that we have excellence in every aspect of our business.

It’s a dream to be the greatest place to work, full of energy, excitement and expectation where we can fulfill the desires we all have in our career path.

PRS is a State Certified Plumbing Contractor that specializes in full pipe restoration.

Sewer drain pipes before and after relining

Whether it be sanitary sewer or storm, sovent systems, potable water, fire suppression or HVAC chiller lines, our goal is to provide solutions to the failing piping infrastructure utilizing the latest plumbing and trenchless technology available. We also carry a State of Florida & California Class “A” General Contractor’s license which sets us apart. This allows us to really understand and prepare to deal with accessing the failing pipe. If needed, we are bondable and carry a low bonding rate through our surety company.

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We have offices in California and Florida but offer service nationwide. We have local crews in all areas! Reach out for us to meet all your pipe restoration needs.

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