Drain Cleaning

Do your drains constantly clog or drain slowly? If they do, you need our comprehensive
drain cleaning services at PRS. Our drain cleaning services address all kinds of plumbing clogs
and blockages.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

We use the most effective and appropriate method for your type of clog to clean your drains, so you can continue to use them as usual.

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Our recommendation is not to use chemical drain cleaners on your own as they may damage your plumbing pipes or create a hazardous situation for those using them. Our specialists at PRS have the tools & equipment to not only address your main storm and sewer system but to safely and effectively address your lateral and drain lines.

Mechanical Pipe Cleaning

At PRS we mechanically clean sewer lines with carbide chains and other attachment heads. These heads allow us to eat right through debris, build up, grease, and blockages. This type of cleaning enhances your sewer line quality and allows your plumbing to flow efficiently.

Mechanical Pipe Cleaning
Hydro Jetting - Drain Cleaning

Hydro Jetting

Our hydro jetting service is an effective way to clean drains. Pressurized water is used to clear drain lines of tough clogs using hydro jetting. Hyrdrojet cleaning is a process that cleans your sewer lines out with just water. Our jetter machine pushes high pressures of water through a hose that eats through grease, debris, and other build-up in your sewer lines. This allows our experienced technician to clean and flush out your sewer line back to its original diameter.

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