Mechanical Cleaning

At PRS we mechanically clean sewer lines with carbide chains and other attachment heads.

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By pushing or pulling a special device through the pipe, built-up deposits from the interior walls can be scraped away with ease. These heads allow us to eat right through debris, build up, grease, and blockages. This type of cleaning enhances your sewer line quality and allows your plumbing to flow efficiently. With the pipe being cleaned down to its bare metal, even the hardest deposits can be removed. In order to perform this process, water pressure and pipe flow are not necessary.

A variety of mechanical plumbing cleaning tools as well as manual cleaning techniques are utilized by PRS for the purpose of removing debris, corrosion, and other waste buildups that have accumulated in storm drain pipes that take rainwater and precipitation away from a property or home.

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If your storm drain pipes are cleaned on a regular basis, you can drastically extend the life of your plumbing system as well as the building as a whole while reducing the amount of maintenance you have to do.

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