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There’s no doubt that hydro jetting is one of the most effective drain cleaning
techniques. Our technicians are highly trained in hydro jetting technology because the
force of the water can cause damage to your pipes if used incorrectly.

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How does Hydrojet pipe cleaning work?

Hyrdrojet cleaning is a process that cleans your sewer lines out with just water. Our jetter machine pushes high pressures of water through a hose that eats through grease, debris, and other buildup in your sewer lines. This allows our experienced technician to clean and flush out your sewer line back to its original diameter. The water is jetted in a complete sphere by a unique, multi-directional nozzle at over 4000 pounds per square inch. With a long water hose attached, the nozzle can clean well below the surface in most homes and businesses.

With hydro jetting, you get all the benefits of pressurized drain cleaning, but at a higher level. In minutes, hydro jetting can scour off years of mineral and waste buildup, restoring the pipe walls to pristine condition. There’s no grease, insect larvae, or stuck-on waste to restart the buildup process. Hydro jetting typically keeps pipes clean longer and is a better long-term solution.

Hydrojet Clog & Corrosion Removal

Hydro jetting is great for clog removal, too. This system’s nozzle pulverizes clogs in seconds, removing obstructions fast and completely. The pipe isn’t jammed again by big leftover fragments. All that’s left are tiny particles that rinse into the sewer main with the water, and the obstruction is gone. Hydro jetting can also be used to remove rust and corrosion from the interior of a pipe. Using the jets properly removes flakes and dust that indicate oxidation, which eventually causes pipe deterioration and collapse. Even deep in the sewer system, hydro jetting can remove corrosion.

Hydrojet Clog & Corrosion Removal

Our pipe repair specialists at PRS can clean your pipes with hydro jetting and you’ll enjoy the long-term benefits that aren’t obvious but have consistently been seen by our customers. One of the most common ones is improved sewer flow. The pipes are instantly back to like new, so sewage and waste can flow out quickly. It’s no longer necessary to wait minutes while your sink drains or your tub empties, leaving a mess that you have to clean later. With fast-moving water, the particles rinse away, so there’s less clean up.

As a bonus, hydro jetting prevents drain clogs altogether. As minerals and waste build up on the sides of the pipes, it takes less and less material to get stuck. A buildup of hard water scale leads to almost daily toilet clogs and sink backups. PRS can clear your drains to remove that scale, which reopens the pipe so more material can pass through unhindered. There will be fewer drain blockages, saving you time and money in repairs.

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Bio waste - Professional Hydrojet Service

All of these things contribute to pipe corrosion that wear away the pipe walls and forms holes or cracks:

  • Bacteria
  • Bio waste
  • Household cleaning chemicals
  • Decomposing paper

Eventually, corrosion can cause thousands of dollars in sewer repairs and pipe damage. By hydro jetting, you get rid of foreign substances inside pipes, protecting them from damage. When a drain pipe is cleaned, it can last years longer, saving you money on repairs and preventing frustration.

By cleaning away the debris that covers the early warning signs, regular drain cleaning reveals hidden problems in your sewer system. Micro-fissures, thinning areas, pipe dust, and spider web cracks are all signs that pipes are decaying over time. Pipe lining and sealing can easily fix problems like these, preventing further damage. By cleaning drains, you can see what’s going on underneath so you can fix it while it’s still early.

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