5 Compelling Reasons To Descale Your Pipes

5 Compelling Reasons To Descale Your Pipes

Five Compelling Reasons To Descale Your Pipes

Hard water deposits can wreak havoc on your pipes. Over time, the hard water scale can build up inside the drains. Scale deposits can lead to bad-tasting water, among a variety of other plumbing problems. That’s why descaling your pipes is such an essential maintenance task, although it is a plumbing task that is often overlooked. Here are five compelling reasons why your pipes should be descaled immediately.

Descaling Pipes Increases Water Pressure

Scale deposits can interfere with the flow of water through your home. In fact, as mineral deposits build up in the pipes, they can start to restrict water flow. When that happens, you’ll notice a decrease in water pressure. It can be frustrating to try to shower with just a trickle of water, so be sure to get your pipes descaled as soon as possible.

Scale deposits can also decrease the amount of water pressure needed to flush the toilets. That’s where descaling becomes beneficial. Descaling your pipes removes the hard water deposits and restores water flow. That way, you have consistent water pressure throughout the house.

Impacts Of Scale Within Your Pipes
Scale Build up on the left, the same pipe descaled on the right – Pipe Restorations Services.

Alleviate Sluggish Pipes

Stubborn clogs don’t always start out big. In fact, stubborn clogs often start out with a bit of sluggishness. A sluggish drain may signal that things are getting backed up inside the pipes. Scale is one substance that can cause sluggish pipes. Mineral and scale deposits can shrink access and flow through the pipes as the pipe opening shrinks. Often, Descaling your pipes can fix this problem.

Shrinkage of pipe access increases the risk of clogs, as food and other debris don’t have enough room to flow through the pipes. If your pipes are sluggish, now’s the time to get them descaled. Descaling helps prevent the buildup that can cause clogs.

Prevent Costly Repairs

The build-up of mineral and scale deposits not only affects the pipes but also the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures. Scale deposits can damage fixtures such as your shower heads, faucets, and valves. Scale can also eat away at the gaskets and seals, which can increase the risk of plumbing leaks. By descaling your pipes, you can help extend the life of your plumbing fixtures and save money on future plumbing repairs and fixture replacements.

Improve Water Quality

Contaminated water can pose a serious health risk for you and your family. When you think of water quality, things like odor and taste come to mind. You might not realize that hard water deposits can affect the odor, taste, and safety of the water that flows into your home.

Studies show that scale deposits create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If left alone, it can increase the risk of exposure to Legionella, the bacteria that can cause Legionnaires disease. Ensure a safe supply of drinking water for your family by getting your pipes descaled right away.

Descaling Your Pipes Protects Your Water Heater

Scale deposits can go beyond damage to the water pipes. Scale can also cause problems for your water heater. The scale buildup inside the pipes can break free and flow into the water heater. However, scale can also block pipes that connect to the water heater. When that happens, your water heater needs to work overtime to get an adequate water supply.

Over time, this can cause your water heater to fail. Not only that, but scale deposits can cause your energy bill to go up by about 29%. Descaling your water pipes removes the deposits that can damage your water heater and increase your energy bills.

Pipe descaling is an important home maintenance task. Descaling the pipes in your home provides a variety of benefits. If you’re concerned about the scale that’s building up in your water pipes, give the experts at Pipe Restoration Solutions a call. We’re here to ensure your pipes stay clean and operate as they’re supposed to.

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